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Category: Choi Gate

Choi Gate, Choi Soon-sil

Hecklers and aggressive reporters greet Choi Soon-sil as she refuses to talk: taunts of “have you eaten honey?”

Choi Gate

Life behind bars for Choi Soon-sil & detainees: holed up in 6.5 sq meter (71 sq ft) cells and subjected to body cavity search; bathing limited to twice per week

Choi Gate, Choi Soon-sil, Korean Dramas

Choi Soon-sil’s attorney claims special prosecutor verbally abusing Choi and threatening to “exterminate her 3 generations”

Choi Gate, Choi Soon-sil

Choi Soon-sil in full meltdown: claims “they’re forcing me to confess” while dragged kicking and screaming to special prosecutor

《Feature Post》, Blacklist, Choi Gate, Kim Ki-choon, South Korea, Yusin

Is Kim Ki-choon the Roy Cohn of South Korea? Why this former attorney general and Park’s chief of staff is probably the most reviled figure in South Korea today.

Blacklist, Cho Yoon-sun, Choi Gate, Kim Ki-choon

Suspects in Choi Soon-sil gate handcuffed and paraded: U.S. ‘perp walk’ practice used by prosecutor to squeeze suspects

Blacklist, Choi Gate

‘Perp walk’ for South Korea’s culture minister: Cho Yoon-sun handcuffed and escorted by 4 guards to be grilled by special prosecutor

《Feature Post》, Blacklist, Cho Yoon-sun, Choi Gate, Kim Ki-choon, Park Geun-Hye

Is this satirical painting of Park Geun-hye and Kim Ki-choon behind South Korea’s blacklist scandal?

Blacklist, Cho Yoon-sun, Choi Gate

Under blistering cross-examination by former prosecutor, South Korea’s culture minister admits some artists ‘blacklisted’

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Choi Gate, Chung Yoo-ra

The improbable story of Chung Yoo-ra’s capture in Denmark: her entourage included 9 cats, 3 dogs, a nanny, 2 horsemen, and a 19-month old

Choi Gate, Chung Yoo-ra

Choi Soon-Sil’s daughter is a ‘wild child’ with tattoos all over her body. Known for her Facebook rants and talking back to adults, this ‘loose canon’ could break the case wide open when arrested and brought back to Korea.

Choi Gate, Park Geun-hye

Audio tape shows Choi Soon-Sil bossing and ordering Park Geun-Hye around, telling her what to do and even what to eat – Park is a lapdog eating out of Choi’s hand

Choi Gate, Chung Yoo-ra

Chung Yoo-ra is MIA somewhere in Germany. Will she be brought to justice? How this 20-year old single mom began horsing around and is now accused of obstructing justice

Choi Gate, Choi Soon-sil

Will Choi Soon-Sil show? Will Choi blame Park Geun-Hye or send her ‘signals’? — the “anxiety made me do it” defense

Choi Gate, Park Geun-hye

Former newspaper executive Cho Han-Gyu begins his testimony: did Park’s office spy on judges and justices? How explosive are Cho’s “8 secrets”?

Choi Gate, Chung Yoo-ra

Who Is Chung Yoo-Ra, Why Are Koreans So Up in Arms About Her, and Why do Scandals Continue to Dog the Choi Family

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