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《Feature Post》, Defector, North Korea, Thae Yong-ho

Thae Yong Ho thinks a preemptive strike on North Korea is ‘unrealistic’; so is any engagement that expects North Korea to give up its nukes

《Feature Post》, Blacklist, Choi Gate, Kim Ki-choon, South Korea, Yusin

Is Kim Ki-choon the Roy Cohn of South Korea? Why this former attorney general and Park’s chief of staff is probably the most reviled figure in South Korea today.

《Feature Post》, Blacklist, Cho Yoon-sun, Choi Gate, Kim Ki-choon, Park Geun-Hye

Is this satirical painting of Park Geun-hye and Kim Ki-choon behind South Korea’s blacklist scandal?

《Feature Post》, Ban Ki-moon, Election 2017, South Korea

Did Ban Ki-moon go overboard with photo ops? Ban’s staged appearances take their toll, inviting ridicule from critics and supporters

《Feature Post》, Ban Ki-moon, Election 2017, South Korea

Ban Ki-moon’s homecoming: Ban criticized for following ‘regular guy’ PR routine while seeking VIP treatment

《Feature Post》, Defector, North Korea, Thae Yong-ho

Who watches the watcher? Diplomat Thae Yong-Ho wore many hats working in London and may have found holes in NK’s surveillance that allowed him to defect

《Feature Post》, Defector, K-Dramas, North Korea, South Korea, Thae Yong-ho

South Korea’s ‘soft power’ flexes its muscle: defector Thae Yong-Ho explains why North Koreans can’t stop watching South Korean movies, dramas & TV shows

《Feature Post》, Business

Is Samsung a partner in crime? With Chairman Lee Senior on his deathbed, Lee Junior desperately wants to take the reins. How family succession may have been behind payments made to Choi Soon-Sil’s foundations

《Feature Post》, Ban Ki-moon, Election 2017, Lee Jae-myung

Can Ban Ki-moon win in 2017? Early polls favor Lee Jae-myung and Moon Jae-in: understanding Lee Jae-myung’s appeal

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