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Choi Gate, Chung Yoo-ra

The improbable story of Chung Yoo-ra’s capture in Denmark: her entourage included 9 cats, 3 dogs, a nanny, 2 horsemen, and a 19-month old

《Feature Post》, Defector, North Korea, Thae Yong-ho

Who watches the watcher? Diplomat Thae Yong-Ho wore many hats working in London and may have found holes in NK’s surveillance that allowed him to defect

《Feature Post》, Defector, K-Dramas, North Korea, South Korea, Thae Yong-ho

South Korea’s ‘soft power’ flexes its muscle: defector Thae Yong-Ho explains why North Koreans can’t stop watching South Korean movies, dramas & TV shows

Chaebol Brats, South Korea

Passenger subdued by Richard Marx on Korean Air shows up wearing a mask – claims ‘no memory’ of the incident. Why this ‘chaebol brat’ may have escaped scot-free had Marx and fellow passengers not been around

Choi Gate, Chung Yoo-ra

Choi Soon-Sil’s daughter is a ‘wild child’ with tattoos all over her body. Known for her Facebook rants and talking back to adults, this ‘loose canon’ could break the case wide open when arrested and brought back to Korea.

《Feature Post》, Business

Is Samsung a partner in crime? With Chairman Lee Senior on his deathbed, Lee Junior desperately wants to take the reins. How family succession may have been behind payments made to Choi Soon-Sil’s foundations

Choi Gate, Park Geun-hye

Audio tape shows Choi Soon-Sil bossing and ordering Park Geun-Hye around, telling her what to do and even what to eat – Park is a lapdog eating out of Choi’s hand

Chaebol Brats, South Korea

Richard Marx subdues a ‘chaebol brat’ from Gangnam who had another drunken incident 3 mos. ago – his dad is CEO of cosmetics company: the problem of class in Korean society

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