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Noon in Korea uses writers that are fluent in both Korean and English. We have learned that there is quite a demand, well er … thirst, for Korean news but that demand is not being met due to the language barrier and poor translation.  When translated into English, Korean news doesn’t quite sound right or is even readable. Some of this is inevitable — you can’t get around the names of people and places that are hard to pronounce and hard to remember. Nor can you fully explain some of the peculiarities of another culture and customs to English speakers.

So we decided to add some new dimensions to how Korean news is translated into English. We will add some pizzazz to our writing style — not necessarily to attract readership but to convey what is not quite translatable. We will do deep dives into Korean language newspapers and broadcasts to discover what Koreans are actually thinking and talking about. They can be rather difficult to understand, as they often use historical references and Chinese letters to deliver full nuances and complex parallels. Therefore, it has been our experience that certain cultural and language barriers remain quite persistent. Here, we will try to overcome them, however, by sourcing, translating and sometimes interpreting Korean news that do not quite make it to English language newspapers.

We provide authentic Korean news in readable English.  We do so in a refreshing and irreverent manner, if at all possible.  We also provide some analyses and opinions. We will clearly mark them so, however, and you will be able to tell when it’s our opinion rather than news:  “We at Noon in Korea believe …”

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