Kim Ki-choon managed to call in sick yesterday but he was able to make it to the special prosecution today.  Kim, of course, is the lead suspect in a scandal where nearly 9,000 artists were blacklisted for their left-leaning political inclinations.  Here is Kim being taken out of the mini bus and making his walk surrounded by 4 guards.  Kim is wearing an overcoat and a badge bearing his detainee number.  A blue towel covers his wrists that have been handcuffed.   Keep in mind that Kim is 78 and rather frail.  However, the prosecutor did not spare him from the ‘perp walk.’ Kim is in fact being ‘carried’ by 2 male guards and being ‘delivered’ to the special prosecutor — he doesn’t seem to be on his feet.

Cho Yoon-sun made her second ‘perp walk’ today.  She is wearing the same business suit she wore yesterday.  Starting at 1:03, a reporter wearing a puffer coat dashes at her and asks, “Did the president ask you to do that?” He’s pushed away by guards but somehow reappears and gets right in front of Cho.  He reiterates, “Did the president order you to do it?”  It takes 2 guards to keep him away from Cho.

The reporter is obviously referring to the blacklist and whether the order came from “higher up.”  We pointed out yesterday that maintaining a working blacklist would have required considerable time and labor.  It may have involved someone with the authority and willingness to implement it — that is, the sitting president.  That is what most people are beginning to think now.

Here’s Choi Soon-sil’s niece, Jang Si-ho.  She recently told the special prosecutor that she will “tell everything.”  She is reportedly “crying a lot” thinking about her 9-year old son, whom she hasn’t been able to see since being detained.  Like Chung Yoo-ra, Jang is a single mom — but she is 17 years Chung’s senior.

For some reason, Cha Eun-taek has been treated in the most humiliating fashion possible.  Cha is a music video director accused of coercion and embezzlement, who used his ties to Choi Soon-sil to get contracts.  Those who have worked with Cha include Gangnam Style star Psy and Big Bang.  Cha has been stripped of his toupée by detention authorities.  Left is him prior to detention with his toupée on.  At right, he is sans toupée and is despondent, cupping his face.

When Cha is being escorted from the mini bus to the elevator, he is not only handcuffed but his midsection is tied with a rope.  As you can see, there is a rope around Cha’s abdomen and his upper arms, tied in a knot that binds to the handcuffs.  Why the special prosecutor needs to completely immobilize him in this humiliating manner isn’t clear, unless there has been some kind of resistance.

The ‘perp walk’ tradition really began in the U.S. and became popular when arresting white-collar criminals in the 1980s.  Rudy Giuliani, for example, used perp walks when he was U.S. Attorney to build his crime fighting image and eventually became New York City’s mayor.  There is a large number of suspects involved in the Choi Soon-sil case, some of whom have not cracked yet.  The prosecutor may be trying to send a direct message to these suspects and their intransigence by orchestrating these humiliating perp walks.

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