Choi Soon-sil had a full meltdown as she was being taken to the special prosecutor today.  When she came out of the minibus, she was handcuffed and wearing her beige-colored jail uniform.

Choi didn't look agitated when coming out of the bus. YT screen linked to source.

2 female guards escorted Choi to the press area where reporters and photographers are waiting.  At that point, Choi started to scream and had to be dragged to the elevator.  Reporters were taken aback since suspects usually lay low and ignore any questions asked while being ‘perp walked.’  Not Choi, however.

Choi comes out of the minibus at 2:06.  Her voice reaches high decibel at 2:24 as she screams, “This can’t be a democratic country … I’m being coerced to confess by the special prosecutor.”  At 2:40, she resists being led to the elevator and screams, “My young grandchild is even being threatened.”  2 male guards have to force her into the elevator and there is further screaming as the doors close, — she is literally being dragged to the special prosecutor kicking and screaming.

Even reporters are taken aback by Choi's meltdown.YT screen linked to source.

Here’s the translation of what Choi said, along with what some said in response (seem to be guards):

2:23 – “This special prosecutor can’t be from a democracy. ”

2:28 – “He is threatening to even destroy my young grandchild.  He’s trying to condemn us to live in sin … ”

2:36 – “This special prosecutor is not from a free democratic country.  Plus he’s forcing me to confess that President Park and I are co-conspirators, that we are jointly responsible for all this.” Someone says, “Ok, we heard you.”  Another responds, “She’s freaking out (염병하네)”  Another: “Wow, she hit a jackpot! (대박이다!)” [Implies sarcastically she’s putting this on and that people are impressed.]

2:46 – Muffled scream … “This is too cruel and unfair … treating my children and even my young grandchild like this ….”

2:54 – Inaudible, surrounded by guards.  Another scream as elevator doors close.

Some background on Choi’s meltdown.  She was first interrogated by the special prosecutor on December 24.  Since then, however, she has refused to cooperate.  She  refused to be taken in for further questioning citing her “health issues” and “psychological state” (Choi suffers from an anxiety disorder and used to take prescription medications — presumably an SSRI like Paxil).   In fact, Choi was asked to come in for questioning 7 times but she only attended once.  Upon her sixth refusal to attend, the special prosecutor filed an arrest warrant on January 22 to forcibly bring her in.

That is what resulted in her meltdown.  Some Koreans think that Choi may be deliberately causing a scene and staging this to win sympathy from the public.  We are not so sure about that.  But we are sure about this — she really doesn’t like being taken to the special prosecutor.  That’s like being taken in for a root canal.

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