Cho Yoon-sun became the first sitting minister to be arrested and taken into custody.  She is seen here coming out of a mini bus operated by the Justice Ministry.  She is being escorted to a building where she will be interrogated by the special prosecutor.

Cho is wearing a business suit and a badge on her left with a detainee number.  Since she is being detained and waiting for possible charges to be filed, she is allowed to wear civilian clothes.  She is escorted by 4 guards, 2 of whom tightly hold onto her elbows.   Cho can’t move her wrists because she is handcuffed.  You can’t see the cuffs because she pulled her sleeves over them to avoid detection — that would have made this perp walk even more embarrassing.

She comes out of the mini bus at 14:03 with 2 guards.  2 additional guards join her as she walks toward the elevator that is waiting for her.

Perp walk for Cho Yoon-sun, South Korea's culture minister until today.

You can see why 4 guards are necessary at 14:48.  She is mobbed by reporters who push their smartphones into her face to get her to talk.  The guards try their best to push them away as she is led to the elevator.

It is now being reported that Cho has tendered her resignation to prime minister Hwang Kyo-ahn.  Hwang is carrying out the duties of President Park, who has been impeached and stripped of her powers.  Later this evening, her resignation was accepted by Hwang, who remarked “I am troubled that a sitting culture minister had to be put under arrest.

After being grilled by the special prosecutor for 3 hours, she was sent back to detention.  Her co-conspirator Kim Ki-choon was also instructed to present himself but he filed papers citing health reasons for not being able to show.   He is being asked to be present the next day.  Both Kim and Cho were arrested early morning on January 21st.  It would be interesting to see if Kim will receive the same perp walk treatment.  Unlike Cho, who is in her early 50s, Kim is a senior citizen who is pushing 80.



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