Choi Soon-Sil’s daughter, Chung Yoo-Ra, is a ‘wild child’ with tattoos all over her body. She is a 20-year old single mom who ran with a ‘rough crowd’ in high school. Known for her Facebook rants and talking back to adults, she calls her mom “ignorant.” She is now on the run somewhere in Germany with a year-old baby in tow. We explain the real reason why prosecutors want to cross-examine her and how this young, vulnerable woman could break the Choi gate wide open. You’ll understand why Korean newspapers call her a “rugby ball” that can bounce in any direction!


The special prosecutor in charge of the Choi Soon-Sil scandal is asking Interpol to arrest Choi’s daughter.  Right now, the exact whereabouts of Chung Yoo-Ra is unknown, although she was last seen shopping in Frankfurt’s ritzy Romer Square.  Choi’s lawyer has been saying, “We are not in contact with her” and “she has the right to decide whether to return or not.”  Looks like the prosecutor is fed up with this refrain and asked Interpol to issue a “red notice” for Chung’s arrest.  A red notice is an international arrest warrant valid in some 190 countries.

People might wonder why focus on Choi’s daughter?  She is only 20-years old after all.  Well, it turns out, there might be some good reasons as to why.

Choi's tattooed daughter Chung Yoo-Ra is a 'wild child' and is known to be a 'loose canon'. Youtube screen capture.


Chung apparently is a “wild child.”  She has tattoos over her shoulders, on her arms, wrists, even her legs.  According to her classmate, Chung started hanging out with a rough crowd in high school, which is when she started smoking and drinking.  In 9th grade, she met a guy named Shin Joo-Pyung, who is 2 years older than her.  Shin used to hawk hand phones in the streets of Seoul and hustled passersby to make them visit nightclubs. Shin apparently impregnated her while in high school and Chung gave birth to a baby boy in Germany in 2015, after she graduated.  They have since separated, however, and Chung is now a single mom on the run with a year old baby in tow.

Chung is also known to speak her mind.  From her Facebook account, she regularly engaged in rants using epithets and strong language.  She became infamous for saying, “Having money is due to ability.  If you don’t have money, then you need to blame your parents.”  In the context of the scandal, people became especially infuriated upon hearing these remarks.  Chung is also known to talk back to adults, including her parents, and giving them a piece of her mind.  She used to ridicule her own mom for not having a college degree Choi “audited” some college classes but not as an admitted student; she never graduated from college.  Chung used to refer to Choi as “ignorant.”  Rich but ignorant, it seems.

Chung's infamous Facebook rant where she told people to "blame your parents if you don't have money." Youtube screen capture.

chung facebook.png

Chung used to refer to Park Geun-Hye as “aunt Geun-Hye,” implying that she’s part of her family.  So far both her mom and “aunt” have been careful in handling the prosecutor’s inquiry; they have both lawyered up to avoid self-incrimination, their constant refrain being “Don’t know” or  “Can’t remember.”  When Chung Yoo-Ra is hauled back to Korea, however, it could be a whole new ball game.  Even Choi’s lawyer can’t figure her out and said, “She calls us when she wants to.  We can’t contact her[!]”

So Chung is a loose canon and cannot be reined in.  Korea’s news channel YTN compared her to a ‘rugby ball’ because you can’t predict which way it will bounce!   Korean prosecutors are probably targeting her knowing that she’s young, immature and, alas, vulnerable.  When she is finally arrested and brought back to South Korea, Chung could blow this case wide open.  You could probably hear a pin drop while she is being cross-examined.





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