Richard Marx had to subdue this Korean Air passenger, Lim Beom-Joon, who is walking around with a surgical mask to shroud his identity. Lim has now ‘lawyered up’ and claims “no memory of the incident!” In this piece, we explain why Lim may have escaped scot-free had it not been for Marx and the publicity he generated. This was the umpteenth time he went on a drunken rampage. Without the YouTube videos that went viral, it would have been an uphill battle to bring charges against him, who has been embroiled in multiple, similar incidents in the past. Why is Korean Air and Korean society keep coddling these ‘chabol brats’?


The Korean Air passenger who had to be subdued by Richard Marx (among others) reported to Incheon’s police station yesterday.  Lim Beom-Joon (34) was wearing a face shield similar to a surgical mask frequently worn by Koreans during their flu season.  He was also wearing a beanie hat and glasses to shroud his identity — this when there are at least 5,000 viral Youtube videos showing his full face, going on a drunken rampage for 2 hours.  It is also being reported that Lim got himself a short hair cut to make himself unrecognizable to the public.

Lim’s attorney made him available for a short interview with reporters.  When asked whether he acknowledges the charges against him, he replied that he did because there are several videos of his actions on flight.  However, “I can’t recall the incident since I was drunk.”  Lim denied ever taking drugs and said he is willing to take tests to prove he was not on drugs.  Lim apologized by saying, “I’m sorry about the trouble. I apologize to all victims of the incident.”  “I’ll lead a life of repentance.  I will correct my errant ways.”

Why is Lim wearing a mask when there are over 5,000 YouTube videos of him engaging in drunken mayhem? Youtube screen capture


Lim is accused of slapping the face of a fellow passenger seated next to him and going on a drunken rampage thereafter.  He’s accused of attacking 2 female stewardesses and a male mechanic who tried to restrain him by hand-cuffing him with a rope. Lim is seen cussing and spitting in the mechanic’s face several times and kicking at his shin.

The male passenger slapped by Lim recalled, “He was seated next to me and kept talking to me, so I tried to ignore him.”  “About 2 hours into the flight, he suddenly slapped me saying, ‘you are not being a good sport!

The airport police in Incheon has jurisdiction over this case.  They announced that Lim has been released for now but they regard the charge as serious.  Therefore, they are planning to issue a warrant for his arrest tomorrow.

So is this all hunky-dory, eh?  Well, not really.  Remember, Lim engaged in similar behavior back in September on a Korea Air flight going the other way, headed to Hanoi, this time.  He became disorderly much the same way and destroyed air line property.  He was fined about $250 by Vietnamese authorities and released.  But this wasn’t the only other time.  According to the Korea Times, Lim has been involved in multiple such incidents.  A flight attendant is quoted as saying, “Lim was frequently drunk when he entered the business section.  He is infamous among flight attendants because he’s caused so many problems.  We frequently warn new attendants to be careful around him.” Lim indeed.

He doesn't "recall the incident." How handy this would've been had there been no video tape and no Richard Marx! Youtube screen capture.



What if there was no Richard Marx and the incident failed to garner much publicity?  Or if there were no video tapes or they failed to go viral?  Lim would have claimed he has no memory and it would have been an uphill battle to bring a case against him.  Air line passengers scatter after a flight and it takes a lot of work to assemble and induce them to testify as witnesses.  Many victims tend to give up after a while.  Had Marx and other passengers not been around, there is a very good chance that this ‘chaebol brat‘ may have escaped scot-free — free to indulge in another drunken mayhem when he boards another flight.


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