Chung Yoo-ra (정유라) is the daughter of Choi Soon-sil (최순실), who masterminded the corruption and influence scandal that brought down President Park Geun-hye.  But aside from being the daughter of this Choi woman, how is Chung Yoo-ha related to the scandal?

Well, there are many angles here.  But what Koreans do not like is gaining admission to universities based on undue preference.  Chung was apparently not a very good student and was not in attendance at her high school most days.  In fact, she was in school only 17 days in her senior year of high school.  But she still gained acceptance to Ewha Woman’s University.  Ewha is supposedly a prestigious women’s college in Seoul that is difficult to get into.  Chung did so on the basis of her special status of having competed in various equestrian tournaments worldwide.  In fact, she did win gold at the Asian Games held in Incheon, South Korea in September 2014.

Now, it appears though that those related to President Park and her mom intervened on her behalf at these events.  She is said to be a mediocre equestrian, barely good enough to compete.  Yet she was edging out competitors more qualified than her.  She apparently got into Ewha in the same manner — South Korea’s parliament is now trying to determine if Ewha’s former president, Choi Kyung-Hee, personally intervened to have Chung admitted.  It isn’t clear yet if she did or not but apparently someone did, since Chung only had her equestrian background to fall back on.

But it gets even more bizarre.  See, it has been rumored that Chung may not have been Choi’s daughter.  Chung’s father is Chung Yoon-Hwe, Park Geun-Hye’s former advisor who was her special assistant during her legislative days.  Chung also used to be a bodyguard for Choi’s father, the infamous Choi Tae-Min, who is versed in shamanism and, get this, hypnotism.  There is even a story about Choi immobilizing someone against her will.

Choi Tae-Min and his occult practices: he could supposedly contact the dead and read minds. Youtube screen capture.

Well, the rumor was that Chung was in fact Park Geun-Hye’s daughter!  We all know that Park Geun-Hye never married and never bore children. However, there have been persistent rumors that she gave birth to a child — in fact, the rumor was attributed to Kim Jong-Pil, who used to be Prime Minister under her father, President Park Chung-Hee.  Kim Jong-Pil was reported to have said, “How can Park Geun-Hye run for president when she had a child with Choi Tae-Min.”  That’s the elder Choi, Choi Soon-Sil’s father.

Now, officially, Kim Jong-Pil has said that he never said such a thing.  However, he used to say things such as, “When Park Geun-Hye and Choi Tae-Min would meet, they wouldn’t come out of the room for hours.”

But the rumor seems to have bothered Chung and she even got her genes tested to see if she might be related to Park.  She was born 2 years after her grandpa, Choi Tae-Min, died in 1994. So he can’t be her father.  However, another rumor going around was that her father, Chung Yoon-Hwe may have impregnated Park Geun-Hye.

Asking who gave birth to Chung Yoo-Ra is like asking who fathered Chelsea Clinton. Youtube screen capture.


However, Chung’s blood tests revealed that she’s not related to Park in any way.  This isn’t so surprising since she looks exactly like Choi Soon-Sil anyway.  But these are some of the rumors and questions surrounding the Choi family which have dogged President Park for years.

As far as Chung Yoo-Ra is concerned, she’s only 20 years old. But in April last year,  when she was just 19 (that’s 18 in Western age), she gave birth to an out-of-wedlock son in Germany.  The father of the child is, Shin Joo-Pyung (신주평), one year older than Chung at 21 years old.  Shin’s occupation was selling hand phones and working the streets to bring passersby to nightclubs.  Chung’s mom, Choi Soon-Sil, did not like Shin but could not separate him from her daughter.  So she contacted a thug to go beat up Shin. But the thug backed out because he did not want to get involved in a “family matter.”

The story never ends for this family.  The latest concerns Chung’s cousin, Jang Si-Ho, who, like Chung, also competed in equestrian events.  She also gained admission to another prestigious university, Yonsei, although she finished near the bottom of her high school class.  Well, according to Chung’s boyfriend, Shin, Jang put pressure on the couple to abort the child.  The two resisted, however, and pledged to raise the child on their own.  Good for them.  But Shin broke up with Chung soon after the son was born due to “personality differences.”

More later on Chung and why this young woman is being hated by so many Koreans.

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